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womens lacrosse stick

No stringing. no adjustments.
a revolution in women’s lacrosse.

womens lacrosse stick

Meets all US lacrosse, NCAA,
and NFHS specifications

alpha one helmet video

Designed for sweet spot hold, providing ultimate ball control.

Performance designed for Women

Dynasty Warp Pro is designed for accuracy and consistency for the elite level player looking to maximize hold, ball control and pin-point accuracy

  • Pocket pattern at the scoop was designed for smooth Ground Ball pickups

  • Diamond pattern for a sweet spot channel for high hold, control and quick release

  • Tapered channel is engineered to drive the ball to the sweet spot

  • trueoffset

    TruOffset® technology that shifts the balls center of gravity driving the ball to the sweet spot

  • Taper Rail Design

    The taper design maintains throat stiffness for maximum accuracy while creating a flex zone around the sweet spot to help generate hold

  • Loc Throat

    Loc throat insert designed for a tight secure fit between the head and handle to eliminate head rattle that can occur over time.

Select Your Shaft

Dynasty Warp Pro Minimus

This lightweight combination utilizes taper rail, sweet spot pocket design and minimus carbon technology for the ultimate in speed, accuracy and consistency.

Our lightest complete stick offering at 285g!


Our composite offering re-constructed.

At 118 grams, the Minimus Carbon has the highest strength to weight ratio in our line, delivering best in class durability while providing an ultra-lightweight feel for maximum stick speed.

shape of minimus shaft

Mid-diameter, Octagonal shape.

TAPER FIT: the end of the handle tapers for smooth and light stick handling.

minimus sticks minimus sticks
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Dynasty Warp carbon

A-Sym handle shape for the for the ultimate in comfort, accuracy and consistency.

Complete stick built at 318g


Not sold separately. Our Dynasty Carbon handle was designed with the A-Sym shape to fit naturally in your hands.

shape of carbon shaft

7/8" diameter, A-Sym shape.

TAPER FIT: the end of the handle tapers for smooth and light stick handling.

carbon sticks carbon sticks
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