Reg Max Warp Pro Stick


  • Level: Pro 14 and up
  • Meets all NFHS, NCAA, CLA, and FIL men’s field specifications.
  • Complete | The Regulator Max Warp Pro Head & Regulator Carbon Pro shaft result in the lightest complete defensive stick we have ever made.
  • Complete/Shaft | Regulator Carbon Pro shaft features Minimus Carbon Fiber that weighs approximately 340 grams. Material selection paired with our most complex layup design results in our best strength to weight ratio of any D Shaft made by Warrior.
  • Complete/Shaft | We designed the handle for improved flex strength from 0” to 30” and surface strength from 30” to 60”.
  • Head | Reg Max Warp Pro is our stiffest head in the line, ideal for close defenders looking for head strength and durability.
  • Complete/Head | Mid-High pocket is ideal for any defender or LSM looking to quickly gain ball control after catching or scooping ground balls.
  • Complete/Head | Varying diamond patterns with multiple raised shooters provide a traditional feel and smooth release.

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