Alpha Pro JR Glove

Customizer Instructions

Customizer Guidelines

These Steps

Design your own gear. Then order it from a Warrior Retailer.

How To Order?

  1. Register with our site by clicking the "sign in" button in the top right corner. If you are a new user sign-up with an active email and password.
  2. Customize your product here on the product detail page.
  3. When your design meets your needs, select "Save Design" and fully save out your design.
  4. Select "Find a retailer" and call or go to your preferred Warrior retailer of choice.
    1. NOTE: Be sure to save your design prior to selecting "Find a Retailer" or your design will be lost.
  5. Give your retailer your email address and they will be able to look up your design and place your order right there in the store.



  • Multi-Zone Custom Coloring
  • Pro Segmented Hybrid Taper Fit
  • 2-Color Embroidered Cuff Roll
  • Team Logo Embroidery/Name or Number
  • Phantom Foam Protection with full plastic inserts
  • AXI-Flex Thumb
  • ProPalm
  • Wartech FnC Liner
  • Fits most similar to inline QX Pro and QX3
  • Styles | C-APGJR