Swagger Catch Glove

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Attitude. It’s what makes you a superior goalie. Swagger. It’s attitude incarnate. The Swagger Catch Glove is all that wrapped up in a trapper designed to transfer your amazingness into the leather toughness of the top notch puck stopper you are.
  • V-Tek™ micromesh moisture-wicking lining
  • Blooming cuff construction for optimum hand position and flexibility
  • Elite-level protection with built-in quick break
  • Flared cuff box for puck deflection
  • Hinged break allows for maximum open surface
  • Two-prong pocket construction increases surface and depth
  • High-density foam fingertip protection
  • Multi-flex backhand protection
  • Angular thumb box for increased strength
  • Three-point internal strapping system includes easy access wrist, comfort backhand, and finger stall straps
  • Mesh finger-stall venting