Rabil Arm Guard

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  • Rabil Arm Guard, White
  • Rabil Arm Guard, White
  • Rabil Arm Guard, White
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Details/Features +

The signature solution for going lightweight without sacrificing your meat.

PR’s game is all about power and precision, and he demands the same from his gear. Get in on his full range of movement with the Rabil Arm Guard’s targeted impact protection. Built around New CAGE System construction for maximized airflow, flexibility and form-fitting mobility, with a new shorter “Pro” length, this is the performance required by the top players in the game.
  • VPS foams allow maximum air flow, increased flexibility and complete protection
  • Shorter "pro length" fit and design
  • CAGE system construction & VPS foams allow for maximum air flow and increased flexibility throughout the entire pad without sacrificing protection
  • Custom injected ABS plastic caps for maximum elbow protection

Technology +

Cage Protection

Cage Protection System

Creates separation under the pad blocking for maximum airflow and flexibility. By limiting the amount of stitching the pads are less restrictive, have better overall airflow and naturally form with the shape of the body.



Warrior's exclusive Vented Protective System. Allows vent holes to perforate through injection-molded EVA. This system stresses the 3 keys in protection design: decreases overall weight, provides maximum airflow and increases protection along the entire surface of the pad.

WarTech AC

WarTech A/C

Warrior's top-of-the-line internal moisture management liner, featuring a cooling agent that makes pads, shirts, shorts and other gear cool to the touch for unbelievable comfort

No Slip Gel Print

No Slip Gel Print

Specialized grip print found inside arm pads that helps prevent arm pads from slipping during play