Projekt Shoulder Pad

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  • Projekt Shoulder Pad, Black with Blue & Silver
  • Projekt Shoulder Pad, Black with Blue & Silver
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You hit, you check, you shoot. You need a shoulder pad that lets you do it all while staying firmly in place. The Projekt’s Integrated Stretch Technology builds stretch gussets into your equipment that allow you to move freely while retaining coverage and protection, not slip and flop. And the patented 50/Fifty spine and sternum protection offers a perfect balance of lightweight protection, along with the moisture-wicking Ventilator™ liner to keep you cool and dry under pressure.
  • Intelligently layered lightweight protection
  • Independent floating 50/Fifty spine and sternum protection
  • Integrated stretch mobility jacket

Technology +



Chillwave Technology keeps you cool when it gets hot. The fabric works with your sweat to create a cooling sensation and wicks away sweat to keep you light and dry. Chillwave also reflects UV rays to help regulate your body temperature.

2 Way

2-WAY Protection System

Warrior's two-way protection system enables checkers and big contact players to deliver blows that remove their opponents from the play, but not from the game. All levels of hockey are now concerned with maintaining the spirit of the game and looking out for its competitors. Warrior protective EVO and Speed series shoulder and elbow caps have a layer of low-density foam fused to the cap's exterior. This foam diffuses stinging blows that contact the face and head, but still allows for natural body-co .



Our most advanced lining quickly wicks moisture away from the body while guarding against bacteria. The result is lighter, drier and fresher equipment.