Nemesis Lyte

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  • Nemesis Lyte, White
  • Nemesis Lyte, White
  • Nemesis Lyte, White
  • Nemesis Lyte, White
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Details/Features +

A heritage goalie head that balances a rugged design with ultra light NOZ technology.

  • Rugged sidewall design maintains its shape, even against the fastest shots
  • Patented flared sidewalls direct shot into the pocket
  • Patented gas-assist "NOZ" molding technique
  • NOZ™ injected goalie head decreases overall weight by 15%, speeding up your ability to make saves and fire outlet passes

Technology +



A patented process for injecting a lacrosse head with nitrogen gas for extremely lightweight heads. Dramatically reduces overall weight by hollowing out the interior of the head. Lighter heads allow players to generate faster head speed on their shots for increased velocity and quicker release.