Messiah Trapper

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Details/Features +

Your teammates expect miracles. They do their part, you do yours. That’s why you need a glove you can have faith in to catch and smother while protecting your hand from the evil stinger from an all-star opponent. The Messiah Trapper does all that and more. Block the puck, control the puck, clear the puck – all with miraculous ease.
  • Hybrid flared cuff box construction for strength, built-in wrist mobility and puck deflection
  • Single T pocket design
  • Funnel thumb geometry guides pucks into pocket area
  • 45-degree hinged break allows for maximum open surface
  • High-density foam fingertip protection
  • Multi-flex backhand protection
  • Blooming cuff construction for optimum hand position and flexibility
  • Three-point internal strapping system includes easy access wrist, comfort backhand, and finger stall straps
  • 3D mesh finger-stall venting

Technology +



High-end, lightweight foam used in the construction of the goalie product. HDPE molded plastic with close cell cross link ZOTEFOAM™ for ultimate impact protection and weight reduction.



Product is customizable. Built-from-scratch, made-to-order, high-quality, one-of-a-kind, assembled-by-hand.

Silver Shield

Silver Shield

Patented process to ensure liner is moisture-wicking. Technology from the medical industry, Silver Shield is used in everything from scrubs and bed linens to surgical masks to keep out bacteria and viruses.