Messiah Leg Pads

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Details/Features +

Your teammates expect miracles. They do their part, you do yours. Designed with a goalie’s natural movements in mind, the Messiah Leg Pad allows for easier butterflies, slides and blocks. Block the puck, control the puck, clear the puck – all with miraculous ease.
  • Pro-level protection and sizing in a lightweight package
  • Dual break zones for controlled flexion
  • Thinner outside roll allows for larger flat face surface area
  • Clean-seam inner calf flaps for increased surface coverage in key high-wear zones
  • Seamless knee cradle for optimum butterfly pad face turn
  • Adjustable knee stack provides a stable landing surface
  • Padded leg channel with adjustable stretch straps provides customizable stability
  • Plated copper buckles resist corrosion
  • PRO STOCK SIZING: 32", 34", and 36" (with +1 and +2 available), 38"
  • Fully sublimated outside gusset for lighter weight and durability

Technology +



Product is customizable. Built-from-scratch, made-to-order, high-quality, one-of-a-kind, assembled-by-hand.



High-end, lightweight foam used in the construction of the goalie product. HDPE molded plastic with close cell cross link ZOTEFOAM™ for ultimate impact protection and weight reduction.