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Details/Features +

The best-selling lacrosse head of all time, these heads are the most advanced in the game. Developed by top players for top players, with exclusive patented technology you can only get from Warrior. No gimmicks. No bull. These are the real deal.
  • Open sidewall design makes this head extremely lightweight
  • Maximum TruOffSet™ design coupled with the long bottom sidewall rail curve creates the perfect pocket release, giving you more velocity on your shot
  • Lightweight design and open sidewall gives you blazing fast head speed
  • The perfect scoop angle lets you easily scoop up ground balls on the run

Technology +

Tru Offset

Tru Offset

A patented technology that lowers the sidewall in a lacrosse head below the center line of the shaft. By dropping the sidewall below the center line of the shaft, the pocket is physically lowered in your stick, giving you the deepest possible pocket allowed under the rules. Deeper pockets mean better ball control and increased velocity on shots and passes.