Dynasty Blade

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  • Dynasty Blade, Black with Red
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Details/Features +

Take dominion over the ice with the Precision Taper flex and Carbon Elite strength of the Dynasty blade. Warrior’s patented Axy-Sym technology provides special load-up stiffness and flex for either a lefty or righty, and the D-Lite core gives you outstanding control.
  • Fits tapered geometry shafts

Technology +

Multi-Bias Fiber

Multi-Bias Fiber

New shaft design using multilateral and omnidirectional fiber placement to reinforce the shaft internally and protect it from cracking or fatigue. Continuous fibers create a network of carbon strands that help resist slash or puck impact.

Carbon Elite Construction

Carbon Elite Construction

Warrior's proprietary elite construction package is the ultimate combination of light weight and and power. High-modulus, low-weight aerospace-grade laminate provides strength under extreme flex, and most efficient energy transfer.

Explo Weave
Clear Grip Finish

Clear Grip Finish

Clear Grip is exactly that, a clear finish that doesn't get between you and your shaft. Allowing the most slip and slide for your money, this is for the dangler who wants lightning-fast hand movement on the stick.