Covert DT2 JR

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  • Covert DT2 JR, Team Royal
  • Covert DT2 JR, Team Royal
  • Covert DT2 JR, Team Royal
  • Covert DT2 JR, Team Royal
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Details/Features +

Covert DT twigs from Warrior are designed to complement the fast, agile, light-on-their-skates player who is always looking to take over the game and dominate with their speed and hands. The Covert DT line is built with SERIOUS technology for this serious player, though we didn’t forget to have fun. And winning is fun. Covert DT enables the speed player to dominate with wicked wristys and snaps while on the fly thanks to Dagger Tapper Technology. This aggressive taper accentuates flex to deliver greater pop because it concentrates the load in key areas all while minimizing torque down near the blade allowing the player to pick their spots.

Had enough? Too bad. Warrior didn’t stop and rest after that. We injected crazy good technology into the DT2 blade increasing strength and stiffness to ensure this stick will stand up to serious play by the serious player. Literally, the blade alone has so much technology infused into it that we had to hire extra patent lawyers.

Covert DT2 – Let your actions be known. BE COVERT.
  • Mandrel Mold Shaft - Double Concave Shape
  • High-Fused Construction -- twist resist
  • Dagger Taper Technology -- Extreme Low Kick

Technology +

Dagger Taper Flex

Dagger Taper Flex

Dagger Taper Technology keeps the hand area stiffer and allows the stick to flex lower in the shaft and blade area as well as in the upper handle. This loads and releases the shaft and blade together for more flex and better pop on slap shots, snap shots, and wrist shots.

Hardcore X

Hardcore X

Lightest blade package with 60% higher compression resistance and 40% greater tensile strength.

Carbonized Blade


Carbon-plated glass fiber resists cracking and chipping. Carbonized blade is 40% stronger and adds stiffness.

Twin Spar


Two carbon fiber support structures reinforce the blade core. Endurance is increased and bend strength is 40% higher.

Aramid Sole

Aramid Sole

Super-tough bulletproof fibers wrap under the bottom edge of the blade to increase impact toughness by 4 times.