Bentley X Stick

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  • Bentley X Stick, Red with White & Black
  • Bentley X Stick, Red with White & Black
  • Bentley X Stick, Red with White & Black
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Details/Features +

Shake hands with the Bentley. No, it doesn’t come with leather seats, wood trim or a chauffeur in a funny black hat. And, sorry, you’ll have to open your own locker room door. But it does give you better puck control and higher shot accuracy with superior balance. Pure luxury. But your wallet will tell you otherwise.
  • Improved balance = lighter package

Technology +

Precision Taper Flex

Precision Taper Flex

A lower tapered section focuses energy into the bottom quadrant of the stick. This concentration of flex eases load and release. Easier load and better power transfer lead to harder and faster wrist and slap shots for the player who needs help loading the stick.

Fused One-Piece Construction

Fused One-Piece Construction

Molded stick in two separate processes where shaft and blade are fused by heat and pressure in lower area of stick. This connection process leads to consistent flex and increased torsional strength.

Composite Deluxe Construction

Composite Deluxe Construction

Engineered layered composite construction provides the best flex characteristics within a durable package. High-pressure two-way shaft molding ensures a solid, durable construction.

Compression Molded

Dual Density Compression Molding

This new technology allows us to create some of the lightest equipment in the game while maintaining maximum protection throughout the entire pad. Using a process called Dual Density Compression Molding we are able to mold a harder density foam directly on top of a softer density foam. This gives you superior protection on the outside of your pad from hard checks or impacts, but still maintain a soft inside to the pad that is both comfortable and helps disperse impacts. Feel it for yourself, its technology

Crushed Velvet  Finish

Crushed Velvet Finish

This finish lowers the degree of hand grip from Soft Grip, but also allows for a separate hand feel on the shaft. Crushed Velvet is perfect for the player who would like a feel between Clear and Soft Grip with just enough tension and a nice soft finish up and down the shaft.