TII Custom Painted Helmet

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  • TII Custom Painted Helmet, Gold with White & Red
  • TII Custom Painted Helmet, Gold with White & Red

Details/Features +

The TII that brings an insane level of comfort and protection now comes in 17 kickin’ colors and patterns, all modeled after top college and pro teams. And the NOCSAE certification means it'll work for high school, college and pro levels.
  • Fit System - 2 removable ear pad sets, 3 sizes
  • Large air vents for superior airflow
  • Lightweight Chrome Facemask: Outstanding sight lines, no up charge for Chrome, 5 Point attachment with 3 Points dedicated to quick face mask removal
  • One piece shell-visor design couple with a lightweight mask make the TII one of the lightest helmets on the market
  • Super lightweight - under 2 lbs
  • Home grown - Manufactured and assembled in North America
  • No minimum order quantity required. For custom helmet ordering information contact your local dealer and/or Warrior Customer Care at 800.968.7845.
  • Make it your own. Customize your gear <a href="http://warrior.mycustomizer.com/">here.</a>

Technology +



Lightweight, moisture-wicking EVA-padded liner.