Dynasty AX2 Stick

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  • Dynasty AX2 Stick, Black
  • Dynasty AX2 Stick, Black
  • Dynasty AX2 Stick, Black
  • Dynasty AX2 Stick, Black
  • Dynasty AX2 Stick, Black
  • Dynasty AX2 Stick, Black
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Details/Features +

Dynasty. Emphasis on nasty. Rule the ice with the total domination of Precision Taper and Axy-Sym shaft geometry so you can load up for the perfect shot and control the flex and release point, whether you’re a righty or lefty. The D-Lite blade core with X-Weave outer grabs the puck softly and reduces hand-numbing vibration while providing the balance you need to keep the puck tucked safely away while you maneuver. Take control of your dominion.
  • Senior 63", Intermediate 60", Junior 51"
  • Mid kick -- smooth full-length mid flex arc
  • Hardcore X blade core
  • LoFused construction
  • Carbonized blade
  • TwinSpar reinforcement
  • Aramid sole protection
  • Slick grip one-sided texture
  • Velvet Touch finish

Technology +


Mid Kick

Smooth full-length flex arc. Supports full force of shots across entire length of stick.

Hardcore X

Hardcore X

Lightest blade package with 60% higher compression resistance and 40% greater tensile strength.

Carbonized Blade


Carbon-plated glass fiber resists cracking and chipping. Carbonized blade is 40% stronger and adds stiffness.

Twin Spar


Two carbon fiber support structures reinforce the blade core. Endurance is increased and bend strength is 40% higher.

Aramid Sole

Aramid Sole

Super-tough bulletproof fibers wrap under the bottom edge of the blade to increase impact toughness by 4 times.

Axy Sym

Axy Sym

Compression fibers on the back and undersides of the stick build up power and recoil into the puck. Stretch fibers on the front allow easy flex loading.